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Engaged couples considering hiring a wedding photographers Adelaide are often unsure if they need a professional photographer, especially in these uncertain economic times. It’s true that photography has never been easier technically, modern cameras are almost incapable of taking a bad image. However, while wedding photography has never been more accessible to enthusiastic amateur photographers seeking to supplement their income with some photography work on the weekends, buying the latest camera with all the bells and whistles does not guarantee great wedding photography in Adelaide!

Do  the Adelaide photographers have the people skills to deal with a large bridal party? With an emotional bride or nervous groom? Do they know a wide variety of shots to deliver to the couple? Anyone with an automatic camera can take thousands of images, but there is little point if they are all the same. 300 unique images is an infinitely better service than 500 the same! Do they have the skills to edit the images well on an expensive colour calibrated monitor? Do they have the expensive professional software programs and the knowledge to use them?  Mojo Studio have all this and more. Even if they have the experience to provide all these services, what will become of these wedding images?

Most wedding photography Adelaide will simply involve downloaded images which are then burned to disc with no further editing. At Mojo Studio we prefer to offer a more complete photographic service, so we delete any blinks or obviously duplicated images then set to work individually correcting each one for colour, density, contrast, vibrance, saturation and a whole host of other factors to make your affordable wedding photography look the best it can possibly be. While our disc-only wedding photography packages are very popular, it would be reassuring to know that happy couples were looking at their wedding images in ways other than on a computer. Traditional wedding albums, such as those provided by Perceptions Photography are indeed beautiful, but with come with a hefty price tag. Couples whose Adelaide wedding photography is on disc have the option to make their own albums relatively inexpensively at Harvey Norman’s or at any number of online suppliers, should they choose to opt for a wedding album.

A new approach to viewing images could be to use a large flat screen plasma or LED television or Ipad or Android tablet or smartphone to view your wedding photography. Imagine every image filling the 50” or 60” screen, 300 or more unique images taken by a photographer with many years of experience, edited to the highest standards, and then set to the couple’s favourite choice of music. This multimedia Adelaide wedding slideshow is then provided on disc and online like this Having this Fusion wedding package online means it is viewable on any smart TV, or any TV with internet capabilities provided by a device like the Apple TV or Western Digital streaming media player (highly recommended!) and indeed on any smartphone with a data plan as the slideshow will scale to the size of the screen it is viewed on. Imagine being able to show family and friends your professional wedding photography anywhere as the images are a slideshow on your phone! This package is ideal for couples who desire great Adelaide wedding photography at realistic prices, but are unsure of how to have the final images presented. They realise the budget may not stretch to a hand made wedding album, but if they already own a large screen television, or a screen of any size- as most couples do- what better solution than to view the images there?